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We know London is an expensive city and our job is to make it a little less expensive by matching you with the cheapest meals in town.

Our meals will always meet these three criteria
Whether its our £2 meal menu or our subscription meal plan, our platform will always consist of the following components:


We'll always provide you with unbeatable prices. Be it our £2 meal or our subscription meal plan


We leave our customers star-struck by pairing up with chefs that resonates with their passion. Arsenal Chefs, Vegan Chefs or University-based chefs


Our menu is ever growing and expanding. Well give you a spectrum of meals to choose from

Want more than £2 meals?

Try our Yearly meal plans from £54.99/year

Free Meals
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Starter Plan
24.99 per month
13 meals per month 3 free deliveries/pcm Access up to 5 different Menus & Cuisines
Value Plan
54.99 per year
30 meals per year 11 free deliveries 10+ Cuisines and Menu / up to 50 different meals
Infinity Plan
194.99 per year
95 meals per year 37 free deliveries Access all Menus & Cuisines/ 100s of different meals