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Depending on the plan you choose. You are eligible for some kind of weekly free meals or monthly free meals. You could also renew your subscription by reaching out to our support team or click on the Upgrade button on your dashboard page

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Email your order number and meal name to [email protected] and we'll get back to you ASAP

Please note that our delivery wait time varies based upon customer type. Our Subscribers (Value and Infinity Plan customers) get their meals within 45 minutes or less. For the pay-as-you-go option, we cannot guarantee a delivery wait time of 45 minutes or less. However, all customers are eligible for a full refund on meals in which the delivery wait time exceeds 90 minutes.

You are fully entitled to a full or partial refund as stipulated in our Terms and Conditions if we fail to either provide a meal within the estimated delivery wait time or receive a response from either our automated response system or a member of our customer team.

Our express Delivery or ED can only be guaranteed in scenarios where the recipients delivery address is close to one of our nearby kitchens. We'll notify you once we cannot provide ED on your order and issue a full refund for your ED payment. For subscribers, we'll not deduct from your ED count.

Once you add a meal plan and Subscribe to any of our Plans. Please wait for a few hours for a member of our customer team to reach out to you to discuss the approval process. Please note that the approval process would take less than 24 hours. While you wait, you are guaranteed a free trial of 2-7 free meals depending on the Plan you choose.

We only source out meals from top Restuarants and eatries. Ask for the hygiene certificate of any of our restaurant partners before placing an order.

Given the high volume of orders we receive, we usually run out of meals. We usually restock within a couple of days. Please be patient as we restock our food supply.

For our subscribers: We'll never take payment from you until you've fully read and understood our T&C and received a free trial.