So why are our meals so cheap?
And no, its not a scam.
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We Generate Additional Revenue Through Ads

We work with local businesses and SMEs within your neighbourhood to reach a new audience by placing their Ads on our food packs. So every time you get a meal from us, you're helping a small business.

Only The best Ads

Did someone say discounts? Yes. We'll mostly feature ads on our food packs that are giving out discounts, promo and great deals.
Sherry's vintage clothing

25% off

Weekend sales
Ray & Ultra Bar
Free drinks for Uni students
Iphone 8 Unlocked
16a Rye Lane
Ahaz Comedy Club
£10 open mic Sundays
127 Sebastian Street

Working with Independent Chefs

Did you know most chefs in the restaurant industry are either underpaid or not getting paid at all? But that stops with swoopmeals-By working with independent chefs and caterers, we are able to reduce our cost as opposed to running a restaurant. Plus, our chefs are well-paid and not used as cannon fodder. So support your local chefs through swoopmeals.
One More Thing: We'll Never Spam You
We'll never spam you with email ads nor give your information over to third parties. You'll only see ads on food packs and food packs alone!

email us to get hygiene rating for each of our meals at [email protected]